Car Seat Belts In Penrose, Auckland 


A seat belt has been designed to secure the driver and passenger from the accident of a vehicle, and it almost reduces the number of death and injury from the collision. As it is important to keep in every individual’s car, in the same manner, you have to check your seat belts whether it has defected or not. if you are looking for seat belts services for your car then you are in the right places. we at Seat Belts 4 U, our car seat belt repairing services offer the different types of seat belts solutions such as car seat belts repairs, car seat belts installation, as well as car seat belts replacement at affordable prices. each car we work with 100% guaranteed using an Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts to repair and replace your car seat belts. 

Different Types Of Seat Belts Include 

Being the variety of car in the market, there are different types of seat belts are required to fit in a specific car. we have collected some of the most common types of car seat belts that hopefully will be suited for your car. 

  • Lap Belts: The lap belts were used in the oldest type of car, although some new cars also using these belts, and sometimes it used for the middle seat. it is a strap that goes over the waist, but the lap belts can prevent your shoulders, head, and neck during the accident.  

  • Static Seat Belts:  The static seat belts are the most common seat belts, which can be fitted to the maximum types of seats. it is also an older style that provides a fixed and not possible to roll away. in accident time, the car occupants can easily slide out and keep away from the injuries. 

  • Retractable Seat Belts: The seat belts are basically used for either driver or passenger in the vehicle, and the most modern types of cars are using 2 points and 3 points retractable seat belts. if anything happened then these types of retractable seat belts can help you to escape from the accident. 


    Our Car Seatbelt Repair Services:

    ●Defective buckles  

    ●Defective retractors 

    ●Welding defects 

    ●Jammed seat belt 

    ●Manufacturing defects 

    ●Metal rubbing on belt webbing 

    How To Choose The Best Child Safety Harness Company

  • Reasonable Price: You should not consider choosing a child safety harness shop that has an invalid cost. the best way of selecting that is to compare the price range of child safety harness surround Auckland, NZ. 

  • Better Quality:  A quality product can protect the children from being thrown about in the event of an accident. So, never buy any child safety harness product that has been made with low-quality materials.  

  • Online Reviews: It is the best way of knowing about the company reputation and services that they offer, here you will get all the covered things that unbiased customers share their experience about this child safety harness shop. 

  • Certified Team: It is the most important thing before choosing any child safety harness shop. those who have repaired and replaced different types of child safety harness shops that means they can easily solve your problems.  


If you have a problem with your vehicle’s seatbelts, we’ll quickly and effectively eliminate the problem, perform all work connected with the repair of your vehicle’s seatbelts, efficiently and inexpensive. We are ready to provide you with a full range of services for warranty and post-warranty maintenance and repair of any seatbelt’s. Also timely diagnostics and maintenance will prevent serious tampering and help to be sure in good condition.

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